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Structure fixings

Our company specializes in providing high-quality structural fastenings that meet the highest industry standards, such as EN, DIN and PN. Our wide selection of products ensures reliability and durability in every application, being an essential element in various types of structures.

Our offer includes HV sets for prestressed connections (EN 14399 / DIN 6914) and SB sets for non-prestressed connections (EN 15048-1), which are key elements in the construction of solid and safe structures. Additionally, we offer HV washers for structures (DIN 6916 / PN 82039 / EN 14399-6), washers for steel structures (DIN 7989) and screws fitted to the structure (DIN 7968) and screws dedicated to steel structures (DIN 7990) to ensure comprehensive solutions for your projects.

Our specialists provide professional advice and support to adapt our products to the individual needs of each client. Thanks to our structural fastenings, you can be sure of the solidity and safety of your structures, meeting even the most demanding standards and expectations.

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