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Rope Accessories – Rope Clamps

Our range includes a variety of rope accessories that are essential for a variety of applications, from construction to outdoor activities. Thanks to high quality and compliance with DIN standards, we ensure reliability and safety in every task.

We offer a diverse selection of products, including S-hooks (EB 88103), cable bail clamps (DIN 741), reinforced rope clamps (DIN 766), as well as carabiners (DIN 82101 A) and shackles (EB 80109), which ensure stable mounting and securing of ropes in various conditions.

Additionally, our offer includes technical chains (DIN 1142), reinforced rope clamps (DIN 5299), single fixed pulleys (EB 80110) and single pulleys with a swivel, which are necessary when lifting and moving heavy loads.

Our specialists are waiting to provide you with professional advice and support in choosing the right rope accessories tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to our products, you can be sure of solid and safe equipment that will meet even the most demanding expectations.

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