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Studs - rods

Our range of studs and threaded rods provide robust and reliable solutions for a variety of construction and assembly applications. Thanks to high-quality products that meet DIN and PN standards, you can be sure of a durable and safe connection in your projects.

Our assortment includes welding screw ends (DIN 525 / PN 82416), 2d studs (DIN 835 / PN 82137) and 1d studs (DIN 938 / PN 82125), which are an excellent solution for fastening and stabilizing structural elements. Additionally, we offer threaded rods (DIN 975 | DIN 976) and trapezoidal rods (DIN 975 | DIN 976), which are essential elements in the construction of solid and stable structures.

Our experts provide professional advice and support to help you choose the right products for your needs. With our studs and threaded rods, you can be sure of a solid and durable connection that will meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects.

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