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Our company specializes in providing high-quality screws and fasteners, meeting the needs of a variety of projects and applications. Our offer includes products that meet DIN, ISO and PN standards, which ensures their reliability and durability in all conditions. We offer, among others: hammer head screws (DIN 186, DIN 188 / PN 82418), wing screws (DIN 316 / PN 82436), eyebolts (DIN 479 / PN 82305), pressure screws (DIN 607 / PN 82410) and ball-head screws with nose (DIN 912 / ISO 4762 / PN 82302), which are widely used in many industries.

Additionally, our range includes Allen screws, slotted screws (DIN 404), high head knurled screws (DIN 464 / PN 82456), and shoulder screws with long thread (DIN 609 / PN 82342) - ideal for applications requiring particular precision and strong connections. You will also find plow screws (DIN 605 / PN 82402), carriage screws (DIN 603 / ISO 8677 / PN 82406) and other specialized fasteners that are necessary in precision structures and engineering projects.

Our Eurobolt products represent the highest quality standard, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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