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Security fasteners

In the Security fasteners category, we offer a variety of products that provide additional security and safety in various applications. Our offer includes:

EB 44125 ARMOR RING - security ring
ARMOR RING pads - protective pads
EB NOGO TYPE 1 - type of NOGO security screw
EB 4488097 CLUTCH HEAD - coupling head screw
CLUTCH HEAD countersunk wood screws
EB 447504 N 6-LOBE PIN - 6-LOBE PIN security screw
Cylinder head self-drilling self-drilling screws 6-LOBE PIN socket
EB 447981 PIN-HEX - PIN-HEX security sheet metal screw
Socket head sheet metal screws PIN-HEX
EB 447380 CLUTCH HEAD - locking screw with coupling head
CLUTCH HEAD pan head screws

Our products provide additional protection against manipulation and guarantee the solidity and durability of connections. Thanks to them, you can be sure of the safety of your structures and applications

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