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Our offer of plugs and grease nipples provides high-quality products that are necessary for comprehensive operation and maintenance of various machines and devices. Thanks to the use of DIN standards, we ensure reliability and durability in every application.

Our assortment includes plugs with an Allen socket (DIN 906), plugs with a hexagonal head (DIN 909) and plugs with a hexagonal head (DIN 2991), which are an ideal solution for securing and sealing various parts of machines and devices.

We also offer hexagonal plugs with internal thread (DIN 3402), grease nipples with a rounded head (DIN 3404) and grease nipples with a flat head (DIN 8140 A), which are essential elements in the maintenance and lubrication process.

Additionally, our offer includes wire thread inserts that enable the repair and maintenance of precise threads in various devices and structures.

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